A couple of tips to help you make the best Chocolate Chocolate Cookies with Peanut Butter Chips or bake anything your little heart desires.

I love baking and I love taking pictures of desserts. I have been baking since I was tall enough to get to everything in the kitchen. I even took home economics in middle school because we got to cook/bake in class, but if my best friend from elementary school were reading this, she will probably remember that I failed home economics. I am not up for sewing buttons onto your shirt, I cannot hem a straight line and I hate cleaning anything, but, I DO love baking and I have a State Food Safety Certificate. I will do anything to improve my baking and photography skills. I took photography classes in high school because I loved taking pictures and I even got a job as a portrait photographer at Sears when I was 16 years old. So, now that I've told you a little bit about me and my baking and photography skills. I'm going to give you a few tips on baking and I hope that you will laugh out loud when you read my blog posts and feel free to comment on it.

Don't clean up your space as you go along.

Seriously, this will delay putting the cookies in the oven. Wait until you've got the cookies in the oven to clean up the flour that you spilled when you were trying to level out that cup. I don't usually make this much of a mess when I am baking, because I usually have a paper plate in front of me to contain the flour, the sugar, and the salt so that it isn't all over the counter and the floor. But, I was out of paper plates! I tried to clean everything up as I went along when I was making these Chocolate Chocolate Cookies with Peanut Butter Chips, but it just made everything worse. I kept thinking of my mother and how mad she would be if this had been in her kitchen. I had flour all over the counter, then sugar got onto the floor and the Hershey's Unsweetened Cocoa went up in a cloud of puff, so I gave up on trying to keep everything clean.

The Cookies are Done!

Let them cool for about 10 minutes on a rack. I read somewhere that you should remove the cookie sheet from the source of the heat (from the top of the stove) so that the cookies will stop baking. Once the cookies have cooled go ahead and eat one or two. You need to make sure they are good enough for sharing. LOL

Where did the recipe come from?

I found the recipe on the back of the bag of Peanut Butter Chips. If you want good recipes, you can't go wrong with the recipes on the packaging.


Holy Cow, after all of those terrible storms that we had in Fredericksburg just the day before this wedding and on the day of the wedding, May 28th, 2022, the sun was shinning brightly. For photographers it was a Sunny 16 day! It was a perfect day for a wedding by the Rappahannock River in a handsome log cabin owned by the Clore brothers.

Check out some of my favorite pictures from Alex & Ian's wedding day!

Venue @ Riverside Weddings by Clore

DJ by: DJ Revolution


So good! -- Rebecca
I tried one already, they are awesome! -- Sondy

I found the recipe for these delicious chocolate chip cookies from the back of Splenda's brown sugar blend packaging. I never buy Splenda products, but I was encouraged to buy it when my sister in law went through some surgery and because of that surgery she was unable to eat anything with sugar in it. I knew how much she enjoyed my baking and wanted her to continue enjoying my treats without getting sick. I never dreamed that these cookies could taste so good with the Splenda brown sugar blend and the best part about Splenda is that it has only 15 calories. But, only having 15 calories does not mean that these chocolate chip cookies are less fattening. They just have less calories than the cookies made with pure cane sugar.

I love to bake and I enjoy sharing what I bake, so I took a batch of these cookies to work and I had planned to share another batch with my brother and his wife. Unfortunately, I suffered a vestibular migraine when I came home from work and left the bag of cookies that were meant for my brother in my tote bag on the floor. When I woke up the next morning I found cookie crumbs everywhere and a very fat but, happy dachshund.

I don't usually print the recipes on my blog since that would be copying someone else's work, but I can give you the link to the recipe here so that you can try baking these cookies yourself. PS: Just don't let the dog have them. Chocolate really isn't good for the dogs.

Splenda Brown Sugar Blend Chocolate Chip Cookies


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