So good! -- Rebecca
I tried one already, they are awesome! -- Sondy

I found the recipe for these delicious chocolate chip cookies from the back of Splenda's brown sugar blend packaging. I never buy Splenda products, but I was encouraged to buy it when my sister in law went through some surgery and because of that surgery she was unable to eat anything with sugar in it. I knew how much she enjoyed my baking and wanted her to continue enjoying my treats without getting sick. I never dreamed that these cookies could taste so good with the Splenda brown sugar blend and the best part about Splenda is that it has only 15 calories. But, only having 15 calories does not mean that these chocolate chip cookies are less fattening. They just have less calories than the cookies made with pure cane sugar.

I love to bake and I enjoy sharing what I bake, so I took a batch of these cookies to work and I had planned to share another batch with my brother and his wife. Unfortunately, I suffered a vestibular migraine when I came home from work and left the bag of cookies that were meant for my brother in my tote bag on the floor. When I woke up the next morning I found cookie crumbs everywhere and a very fat but, happy dachshund.

I don't usually print the recipes on my blog since that would be copying someone else's work, but I can give you the link to the recipe here so that you can try baking these cookies yourself. PS: Just don't let the dog have them. Chocolate really isn't good for the dogs.

Splenda Brown Sugar Blend Chocolate Chip Cookies


I started baking Oatmeal Cream Pies when I first found the recipe on Sally's Baking Blog. I think Sally said that her recipe was better or just as good as Little Debbie's. Then I found out that my boyfriend liked them too. So, I started baking the Oatmeal Creme Pies on a regular basis. However, unlike Sally's recipe, I leave out the ground cloves. Not sure the cloves are necessary. I don't like Oatmeal cookies so I cannot be the judge and the jury on this one. Several years ago, I entered the Oatmeal Cream Pies at the Prince William County Fair and won first place for them, so leaving out the cloves can't be a mistake.

That was several years ago when I started baking the Oatmeal Cream Pies. Recently I decided to bake them again. Now that I've moved into my new house, I have a place to bake! Unfortunately, my new house came with a "50's" era stove with a stainless steel stove top, which is easy to keep clean but, the oven gets really hot and everything I bake burns. So, baking is taking a bit of trial and error, figuring out the right temperature and the correct amount of time for whatever it is I am baking. At first I thought it was kind of cool to have something this old still working so well, but when everything I bake starts burning it isn't so great.

With that said, I am baking again and I am going to start blogging about what I bake, AGAIN! So stay tuned for more of my baking adventures whether I burn everything or not! Let the baking begin, I say!

Below is a picture of my stove and beside that is a picture of my blue ribbon Oatmeal Creme Pies, using Sally's awesome recipe minus the cloves! PS, I hope she doesn't mind.


Having a wedding at a State Park is a great idea. 💡 This wedding was held at the Pocahontas State Park in Richmond, Virginia in early April. The wedding party blew away that early April chill and managed to have a blast in spite of the chilly weather. From the Security detail with the little boys guarding the rings, so cute, to the sweet cupcakes in different flavors from Smallcakes cupcakery & creamery . Everything about this wedding was fun and delightful. I hope you will enjoy these pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them.


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