There is a store in #Doswell, #Virginia that I absolutely love visiting. It is the Second Chance Sisters booth at Vendor Village Antiques. Jackie and Tammy do an amazing job of restoring old furniture. They know just how to put new life into something nobody would have thought twice about. That is where I found this cute lazy susan, I am always on the lookout for things that I can put into my pictures with my #baked goodies. This lazy susan was different, it had pretty swirls of paint on it and the purple color caught my eye. I knew right away just what to do with the lazy susan.

I baked these plain #vanilla #cupcakes with buttercream #frosting and added some colorful Halloween #sprinkles to the cupcakes for fun and I knew the sprinkles would help bring out the colors of the lazy susan. I was going to save this post for #Halloween since it isn't even #October yet, but I don't have the patience to wait until then. Besides, I wanted to share with you this awesome little store. Check it out!

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I baked and #baked and baked last weekend. Not even sure why I was doing it. Do you ever bake something from a new recipe only to find that what you baked didn't turn out as good as you thought it would? I made two different kinds of cupcakes. One was a root beer #cupcake with root beer flavored #icing (at least that was what it was supposed to be) and the other was just a vanilla flavored cupcake with vanilla buttercream icing.

Both recipes were from the same cookbook, so I did not make these recipes up. Usually when I bake something, it is delicious, it is sweet, and I love it. I didn't even eat these cupcakes, I didn't want to because I am not a fan of root beer and because these cupcakes were dense, they were heavy, and they were dry. How do I know this? When I picked up one of the cupcakes it was heavy, it did not feel light. I found out from a very good friend, who tried both of the cupcakes, that she really could not taste the root beer. I've made root beer cupcakes before and I used root beer extract in the recipe. This time I used a different recipe to make the root beer cupcakes and this recipe called for root beer soda. I'm going to guess that the extract was the tastier way to go. It was a mistake to use root beer soda, heck it was probably a mistake to use these recipes at all.

I enjoyed baking the #cupcakes, but I won't use those recipes again and I won't share the recipe with you all. The only thing I loved about these cupcakes is that I got some really good #pictures out of them. I've been following the Sprinkle Academy on instagram and it has been fun challenging myself with some of the tips that I receive from @theSprinkleAcademy. The latest tip was to include the ingredients in the pictures so that people will know what kind of cupcake is in the picture. The root beer candies in the picture provide a good hint, don't you think?

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I really did not plan to bake cupcakes for the Labor Day weekend, but I wanted to bake something. So this is what I ended up with. I already had the red, white, and blue sprinkles, so it just worked out that way to have cupcakes matching the theme for this weekend. I am also really trying to keep things simple these days since I'm planning to move AGAIN and most of my things are back in boxes, ugh!. I think I have had enough drama and activity this year, I'm starting to feel depressed. Yes, cupcakes can cause drama sometimes! LOL Like the time that I decided to take a dozen iced cupcakes to work with me on a hot summer day. That icing was like melted ice cream all over the place. I've learned to pack my cupcakes with ice to keep them cool when traveling. I've also learned not to bake cupcakes in the summer time. Which is why I bake cookies a lot during the hot summer months and bake the cupcakes during the winter. By baking these cupcakes, I was also challenging myself to make sure that I only fill the cupcake #liners 2/3 of the way so that I don't over fill the liners with the batter. Can you imagine how dramatic it would be if I had overfilled these cupcake liners.

I had found a cute cookbook by the Food Network Magazine, the book title is The Big *Fun* Kids Cookbook and I found some inspiring recipes inside for cupcakes. The first #recipe that I came to is called the Classic #Vanilla #Cupcake. I like vanilla cupcakes, and it is a very simple recipe. So, I made the Vanilla cupcakes with the cream cheese icing which I also love. However, I just learned this evening that my daughter isn't a fan of cream cheese #icing. I'll have to remember this.

Anyway, these cupcakes turned out delicious and there was no drama involved. . The only thing I would recommend when using this recipe is to double the recipe for the #cupcakes and the icing so that you'll have plenty to share or enough to keep for yourself.

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