I really did not plan to bake cupcakes for the Labor Day weekend, but I wanted to bake something. So this is what I ended up with. I already had the red, white, and blue sprinkles, so it just worked out that way to have cupcakes matching the theme for this weekend. I am also really trying to keep things simple these days since I'm planning to move AGAIN and most of my things are back in boxes, ugh!. I think I have had enough drama and activity this year, I'm starting to feel depressed. Yes, cupcakes can cause drama sometimes! LOL Like the time that I decided to take a dozen iced cupcakes to work with me on a hot summer day. That icing was like melted ice cream all over the place. I've learned to pack my cupcakes with ice to keep them cool when traveling. I've also learned not to bake cupcakes in the summer time. Which is why I bake cookies a lot during the hot summer months and bake the cupcakes during the winter. By baking these cupcakes, I was also challenging myself to make sure that I only fill the cupcake #liners 2/3 of the way so that I don't over fill the liners with the batter. Can you imagine how dramatic it would be if I had overfilled these cupcake liners.

I had found a cute cookbook by the Food Network Magazine, the book title is The Big *Fun* Kids Cookbook and I found some inspiring recipes inside for cupcakes. The first #recipe that I came to is called the Classic #Vanilla #Cupcake. I like vanilla cupcakes, and it is a very simple recipe. So, I made the Vanilla cupcakes with the cream cheese icing which I also love. However, I just learned this evening that my daughter isn't a fan of cream cheese #icing. I'll have to remember this.

Anyway, these cupcakes turned out delicious and there was no drama involved. . The only thing I would recommend when using this recipe is to double the recipe for the #cupcakes and the icing so that you'll have plenty to share or enough to keep for yourself.

I was totally looking forward to jumping onto a pontoon boat over the weekend to shoot this beautiful #elopement for a sweet family of four. I could not wait to go for a ride on the boat and to enjoy some sunshine! I was all set to go out in my shorts too. I had even set my camera settings for the bright midday sun. But, mother nature had other ideas for this #photo shoot. The sky was hazy and I knew right away it was going to be raining when I got onto the boat. I had to change my #camera ISO settings to allow for more light in my camera for the hazy, rainy day. I was a little bit worried about getting my camera wet, I never thought to bring a gallon size plastic bag to protect my camera, something to remember for the next time.

But, you know what? That rainy day on the #lake, turned out to be a beautiful day with a sweet #family. They were going to get #married and I got to be there to preserve their sweet #memories in pictures! How cool is that?

Location: Anna Point Marina, Lake Anna, Virginia

Officiant: David Black, Louisa, Virginia

While everyone else is thinking about #Fall. I'm over here still thinking about Summer. I love Summer; the sunshine and the hot temperatures.This Summer is going by so fast. Please tell Summer to wait for me, I haven't laid out on the beach yet, I haven't made any plans to go on a vacation, I haven't been out on the lake, I haven't spent enough time with my #family and friends, I haven't gotten a suntan, I haven't enjoyed the sunshine. So many things I have not had a chance to do this year. That #Coronavirus has really made a dent in my life and I'm sure it has wrecked havoc in yours too. To help me remember that Summer is still here, I have made a strawberry pie to celebrate the #Summer. I bought three pie shells, because I didn't have the time or the energy to make the pie shell. A #strawberry pie can taste just as delicious with a #Keebler's #graham pie crust. The Pie shells were 9 inch #pie shells and the recipe that I used called for 1 quart of strawberries. I bought 3 quarts, because I bought 3 pie shells. I had planned to make 3 strawberry pies. However, I used up all 3 quarts of strawberries for just one 9 inch pie shell and the recipe called for 3 tablespoons of #cornstarch which was not enough cornstarch for this pie. Using cornstarch helps to thicken the strawberry sauce. A strawberry pie should be firm and easy to slice through and it should look and jiggle like jello. I recommend doubling the cornstarch, add more water if you think the sauce needs more for this particular recipe. Check out the #recipe, it is a great tasting Strawberry Pie. You will love it!

Recipe is on allrecipes.com just do a search for Strawberry Pie II.

Strawberries and Summertime