I was totally looking forward to jumping onto a pontoon boat over the weekend to shoot this beautiful #elopement for a sweet family of four. I could not wait to go for a ride on the boat and to enjoy some sunshine! I was all set to go out in my shorts too. I had even set my camera settings for the bright midday sun. But, mother nature had other ideas for this #photo shoot. The sky was hazy and I knew right away it was going to be raining when I got onto the boat. I had to change my #camera ISO settings to allow for more light in my camera for the hazy, rainy day. I was a little bit worried about getting my camera wet, I never thought to bring a gallon size plastic bag to protect my camera, something to remember for the next time.

But, you know what? That rainy day on the #lake, turned out to be a beautiful day with a sweet #family. They were going to get #married and I got to be there to preserve their sweet #memories in pictures! How cool is that?

Location: Anna Point Marina, Lake Anna, Virginia

Officiant: David Black, Louisa, Virginia

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While everyone else is thinking about #Fall. I'm over here still thinking about Summer. I love Summer; the sunshine and the hot temperatures.This Summer is going by so fast. Please tell Summer to wait for me, I haven't laid out on the beach yet, I haven't made any plans to go on a vacation, I haven't been out on the lake, I haven't spent enough time with my #family and friends, I haven't gotten a suntan, I haven't enjoyed the sunshine. So many things I have not had a chance to do this year. That #Coronavirus has really made a dent in my life and I'm sure it has wrecked havoc in yours too. To help me remember that Summer is still here, I have made a strawberry pie to celebrate the #Summer. I bought three pie shells, because I didn't have the time or the energy to make the pie shell. A #strawberry pie can taste just as delicious with a #Keebler's #graham pie crust. The Pie shells were 9 inch #pie shells and the recipe that I used called for 1 quart of strawberries. I bought 3 quarts, because I bought 3 pie shells. I had planned to make 3 strawberry pies. However, I used up all 3 quarts of strawberries for just one 9 inch pie shell and the recipe called for 3 tablespoons of #cornstarch which was not enough cornstarch for this pie. Using cornstarch helps to thicken the strawberry sauce. A strawberry pie should be firm and easy to slice through and it should look and jiggle like jello. I recommend doubling the cornstarch, add more water if you think the sauce needs more for this particular recipe. Check out the #recipe, it is a great tasting Strawberry Pie. You will love it!

Recipe is on allrecipes.com just do a search for Strawberry Pie II.

Strawberries and Summertime

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When I was growing up, I was always told that it was better to give than to receive. I was reminded of that in #church this morning. That is why I share what I bake with others. It isn't always about the money, it's about #giving to others. I enjoy doing that. So today, I am sharing my 2 #layer #cake with the world. As always, I got this amazing recipe from Sally's Bake Blog.

This cake was originally supposed to be a 3 layer cake. I didn't have 3 round cake pans of the same size, I had two 8 inch round pans and bought a third one at JoAnn's fabrics. It turned out that I didn't need that third pan after all, but I used it anyway. I made the cake according to Sally's white cake recipe and poured the batter into all three pans. I put all three pans into the oven to bake. When the time came to take the cakes out of the oven, I noticed that one of the layers did not bake right. I should have returned it to the oven, but I didn't. That is how I ended up with just 2 layers for this cake. It still turned out great and I got to share it with my coworkers at the library.

I learn something every time I bake. This time I learned that my oven bakes better from the back and that I shouldn't put three layers in the oven at once. I am also trying some new things with food photography as well, making patterns with food. I know we aren't supposed to play with our food, but in food photography that is what we do. LOL

Tell me what you learned when you tried baking this cake.

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