A Birthday Party Celebration at Lake Anna!

I love it when customers call me back to Lake Anna for a photography session. The lake offers so many beautiful views for taking pictures and I am always excited to be back. This photography session was a special birthday party celebration for 15 year old Samantha. The family rented a beautiful home on the lake just for this occasion and they invited their family and friends to join them in celebrating their daughter's 15th birthday. What a wonderful gift to have!

I enjoyed every single minute of my time taking pictures at this party. Samantha was the perfect subject and her family and friends could not have been more welcoming and friendly. I found magic in every moment of taking these pictures. I was so inspired by the beautiful lake setting and the decorations at the cake table, to continue taking pictures for as long as I could. I followed Samantha (the birthday girl), around and took as many pictures as I could, of her alone or with her friends and I got a few formal shots of the family and her parents as well. I finished up the photo session with some wonderful pictures of Samantha and her beautiful mama cutting the birthday cake. Check it out!


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