A Covid-19 Retirement Party

Hello, I thought I would explain to you a little bit about who I am before I jumped into the story about the cake in the picture below. I have so many titles, I am a #Library Circulation Manager, a #Photographer, a #Baker, a Mom, a Grandmother, a dog mom and a wife. In my position as a Circulation Manager, I threw together a little #retirement party for one of my managers, Kim. It was her last day with us and because of the #Coronavirus, we could not give her a proper retirement party with everyone who works in the library. We were only able to celebrate with a minimum of 10 people, actually there were only 9 of us present to celebrate her retirement. We all wore our masks and stayed 6 feet apart during the little party, fearful of the possibility that anyone might carry the virus there was no hugging at all.

It was a very sad day, my coworker and friend was retiring and she was unable to say good bye in person to everyone she had worked with over the years. Another coworker decided to post pictures of everyone on the staff all over Kim's cubicle. It turned out really cute with colorful streamers and pictures of every staff member who works at the library. I picked up a cake for the celebration, from Victoria's Cakery in Fairfax. This cake lived up to its name "Heaven" . A vanilla layer cake with a delicious raspberry filling in the center, covered in white chocolate icing! This cake, a favorite of ours, is absolutely delicious and it wrapped up this bittersweet retirement party like the ribbon around the cake.


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