Adventures at the Metro Richmond Zoo

This is going to be short, I'm exhausted and I'm not one for words. I just wanted to share the fun that we had today.

Instead of going to Eastern Maryland today, we decided to go to the #Richmond #Zoo with my grandson. I was thinking that a trip to the zoo would reduce his energy level some. He's four years old and has more energy than a room full of four year olds combined, in my opinion.

On the drive #south to the zoo, I missed a turn somewhere around the Powhite Parkway which brought to my grandson's mind a question, "Are we there yet?". I laughed and said we're about 18 minutes away. Then just when I saw a sign for the zoo, I had to dodge a big green garbage bag filled with foam or trash that was in the middle of the road. The poor child probably thought I was a crazy driver.

We finally made it to the zoo. As soon as I turned off the car in the parking lot, my grandson asked me to get him out of the car seat. We were happy to have made it to the zoo. With our tickets in hand we went on to see the animals. We also got to take a cool trip on a train in between feeding the animals at the zoo. Here we have some of the pictures from the zoo.

When we got home from the zoo, this kid still had enough energy to wash my car and he helped me to go through these pictures to find the best ones for editing. I cannot wait to go on more adventures with him this summer!


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