A Sweet Virginia Wedding

Danielle is one of the sweetest brides I have had the pleasure of meeting. I was so impressed with her amazing ability to keep cool with everything. With the help of her amazing family and friends she pulled her own wedding together. I mean this girl even #baked and #designed her own dang #wedding #cake! This cake would have cost her at least $1000 to have someone else make it. She put together her own bouquet. She hired a live band Bobby G & Friends, for the reception and to play the wedding procession music and she hired me! I feel beyond blessed to have been able to capture this #bride and Groom's special day with their family and friends.

Let me tell you a little bit about the union that brought these two to this day. Danielle met Paul through Paul's cousin on Christmas Day in 2018 and the two have been together ever since, well sort of, they lived 3 hours away from each other. On this wedding day, the two will never live 3 hours away from each other again.

The wedding day could not have been more perfect. The weather was hot and beautiful. People were hustling and bustling around at the groom's mother's property getting everything ready before the ceremony began and before the awesome party after the ceremony. Meanwhile, I was prepping for the big day by taking some pictures of the beautiful scene before me. The #Ceremony began at 7 pm sharp. The bride was dressed and waiting for the music to start and I got a few shots of the bride in her dress. Then a cute little #tuxedo cat came out for a little scratch, the kitty must have thought he was the groom but, once the music began and the bride started to walk her way to the aisle, I was so sure the kitty was going to pounce on the bride's wedding dress. The bride kept her cool and kept on walking. The kitty just sat and watch her walk away, phew!

I was still taking pictures during the ceremony, and what a beautiful ceremony it was. The bride and the groom stood before the pastor with their four daughters, ages 16, 17,18, and 19. Everything was picture perfect until something (I don't know what it was) jumped onto the bride's dress during the ceremony. It sure added some excitement to the day and the groom saved the day and the dress by swating the creature off the wedding dress. Again, the bride kept her cool! How does she do it?

Cake made by: The Bride

Music by: Bobby G and Friends

Officiant: Josh

Venue: The Groom's Mother's House

Catering: Country Cafe of Culpepper, Virginia


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