At My Wits End!

Thanks to everyone who helped me with suggestions to fight the HOA about the neighbors with the doors open all of the time and thanks to everyone who shared my condo listing. I was finally able to find a buyer and closing is coming up on the 26th (maybe).

Here's the problem and I need your help again. I bought the condo in 2012 with this beautiful floor already installed by the previous owner Theresa Frazier. She never got approval to install the floor from the HOA. So the violation was passed on to me. I was unaware that I would never be able to sell my condo with this violation. I was told not to worry about it when I bought the condo hook, line, and sinker.

Fast forward to today... Sequoia Management and the HOA of Stratford Condominiums say that I need to get approval and consent in order to install floors that were already installed by the previous owner. (Does that even make sense?) I have to get consent from the owner of the unit below mine. Ok, I said, can you give me the owner's contact information so that I can get the consent for the flooring. Sequoia Management had the contact information that I needed but, would not share that information with me. I had to find the information on my own. Thanks to the amazing and wonderful coworkers that I have, Chris Barbuschak found 3 phone numbers to try. My agent's assistant was able to reach the owner using one of the phone numbers. The owner of Unit number 204 below my unit is Maimouna Bah Camara. He/She declined to give me the consent that I needed to sell my condo. I'm screwed. So as it stands now I will not be able to sell my condo at all.

I have a husband with a neuarological disorder, Progressive Supra Nuclear Palsy, we need a house with one floor. I was trying to sell my condo to buy a house near our families so that they could help us when he becomes unable to walk or talk. I can't sell my condo as it is. I need your help. Do you have any suggestions or ideas for me???? Is there a real estate, someone knowledgeable in HOA laws, lawyer out there that you might be able to recommend to me?

I am tired and I'm stressed out. I'm at the end of my rope. #HOA #lawyers #Realestate #Condos #Virginia #Manassas #SequoiaManagement #NeedHelp #SupraNuclearPalsy

Stratford Condominium in Manassas, Virginia


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