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Last weekend I #baked some #Lemon Cupcakes with "Yellow" Lemon #Buttercream icing. I could not wait to get home from work to ice these #cupcakes after #baking them the day before. I knew I would have everything I needed at home to make the icing, but after pulling everything out. I realized that I did not have enough powdered sugar. Sally's usual recipe calls for 4 cups of powdered sugar and I really only had 3 cups available. I just cut the icing recipe in half and dumped all of the powdered #sugar that I had into the mixing bowl. The cupcakes and the icing still turned out delicious. Whelp, check out the picture below.

Yellow Lemon Butter Cream Cupcakes

I also got to bake an awesome #poundcake this weekend. This was my first time making a pound cake. I wanted to practice making this cake for National #Bundt #Cake Day. I followed Sally's recipe for her cream cheese pound cake, wow I was able to run to the dry cleaners 20 minutes away and back before the cake was finished baking. I had forgotten that I needed to pick up my husband's jacket for a funeral the next day and realized at 5:50 pm that night that the cleaners were going to close at 7 pm. So I finished mixing the cake, poured it into the bundt cake pan and threw it into the oven before I ran out of the house. My husband was still at home so it's not like I left something baking in the oven with no one to monitor it. The only thing I forgot to do was to put aluminum foil over the cake to keep it from browning, before the inside of the cake was done. Sometimes I think this #blog page should be titled "Mistakes Jackie Makes" I think I just rush through things too much, without really taking the time to do it carefully. The pound cake still turned out perfectly delicious and I'm definitely going to bake the cake again tomorrow, but this time I will put the tin foil on top.

Sliced Pound Cake


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