Baking for Easter

Believe it or not, my church put out a call for 100 cupcakes from everyone. I baked 4 dozen cupcakes this weekend and took 2 dozen into church this morning. I then took 1 dozen to my daughter's house for her birthday.

My daughter had requested vanilla cupcakes with chocolate icing, so that's what I baked. I also included chocolate cupcakes with vanilla icing for those who prefer CHOCOLATE! I have found that it is much easier for me to bake the cupcakes one night and then to ice them the next evening. Then I'm not so exhausted when I'm icing the cupcakes.

I used boxed cake mix for the chocolate cupcakes, hey I was baking 4 dozen cupcakes late in the evening. I had to cut open the bag of cake mix with a pair of scissors. I really should have paid more attention to the scissors that I used because this pair actually fell apart while I was cutting the bag open. The cake mix just spilled out onto the counter and two halves of a pair of scissors were dangling from my fingers. I'll be sure to inspect the scissors more closely next time.

I made Sally's Favorite Buttercream Frosting, she never disappoints with her recipes. I like to use the Wilton star tip 1M for decorating the cupcakes because I love the swirl pattern on the cupcakes, but it was irritating as the devil when the white sugar pearls that I found would not stay on the chocolate iced cupcakes.. I tried throwing the sugar pearls one at a time at the cupcakes but, every time one landed on the mountain of swirled icing, it would roll down the swirls as if they were ramps or slides. After doing this with half a dozen cupcakes I finally gave up and switched to the colorful Easter Sprinkles. They were easier to sprinkle on. I sure hope you learn something from my mishaps in the kitchen, after awhile they are kind of funny.

After all of that baking for Easter, I was thankful that I got to spend Easter Sunday with this little bird. How did you spend your Easter on this beautiful Sunday?

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