Tulips for Today

Hey there, I know it may seem like I haven't been #baking and taking #pictures much. Maybe I haven't been doing enough. A few months ago my life was turned upside down and I have been struggling to figure out what the right thing to do is. My mom says that I tend to jump into things without thinking them through. I'm not entirely sure that is true, I do think things through, using my brain to rationalize everything but, there is such a thing as overthinking which I tend to do and then there is the other side of me that just pushes all rational thought aside and jumps in with her heart. It is my heart that usually wins hands down. Unfortunately, the rational side of me has decided that my heart has had enough. So I'm going to work hard on doing the right thing and concentrate on me, baking, and


Ok, so that is as deep as I will go into my personal life. However, I have been pretty busy with my family these days. I recently made some delicious cutout cookies with my cute adorable grandson, Alex. I made the dough and he helped me to cut and sprinkle the cookies with all kinds of colors. We had a great time together! The recipe for the cutout sugar cookies came from this cute cookbook that I found at the library, #MasterChef Junior Bakes! Go check it out at your #library. For those staying home due to #Covid-19 there is an ebook version available online!

With Alex as my little helper, I let him choose what #cookie cutter we were going to use and I pulled out a bunch of different colored #sugar #sprinkles for him to sprinkle onto the cookies before baking. I put aside half of the dough for him to use and kept the other half to make the Tulip shaped cookies for myself.

When you are ready to begin rolling out the dough and if you use the recipe in MasterChef Junior Bakes!, you should only keep out the dough you are going to roll out and put the rest into the refrigerator, because it tends to soften up fast. Here is another hint for using this recipe, it is more fun with a 3 year old to help you.


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