Elopement at Anna Point Marina

I was totally looking forward to jumping onto a pontoon boat over the weekend to shoot this beautiful #elopement for a sweet family of four. I could not wait to go for a ride on the boat and to enjoy some sunshine! I was all set to go out in my shorts too. I had even set my camera settings for the bright midday sun. But, mother nature had other ideas for this #photo shoot. The sky was hazy and I knew right away it was going to be raining when I got onto the boat. I had to change my #camera ISO settings to allow for more light in my camera for the hazy, rainy day. I was a little bit worried about getting my camera wet, I never thought to bring a gallon size plastic bag to protect my camera, something to remember for the next time.

But, you know what? That rainy day on the #lake, turned out to be a beautiful day with a sweet #family. They were going to get #married and I got to be there to preserve their sweet #memories in pictures! How cool is that?

Location: Anna Point Marina, Lake Anna, Virginia

Officiant: David Black, Louisa, Virginia


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