Grad Party 2019

As some of you already know, I baked those delicious #Oatmeal Cream Pies for this awesome #graduation party for my nephew. I also got to take a few #pictures too, well not just a few, it was more like 200.. My nephew is graduating from South County High School, lovingly called #SOCO. Then he will be off to #JMU in the fall. Where did the time go?

Anyway, I learned a few things last night at the party, first and foremost do not interrupt a group of High School #Seniors playing football to get pictures. I swear I heard them grumbling and moaning like they'd been injured when I asked them to get behind this sign for a group shot. LOL I really wanted the boys to spread out so that I could get them behind the entire sign, but that was wishful thinking. At least I got a cool shot of these boys. I've also included a link to the entire album for all to look at, share, and download.

Oh, and the second thing I learned is that my niece Elle can make some awesome #cakepops.

--> Grad Party Album

Class of 2019 on the lawn "Before"

Graduating Class of 2019 High School Seniors


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