Halloween is Creeping up on me!

It is true, #Halloween is creeping up on me and I feel like I need to #bake something quick! So, I saw this cute quick halloween #snack for Halloween Chocolate Bark over on Sally's Bake Blog. Sally's recipes are so good and easy to follow. However, I do not follow directions very well or so it seems.

Mistake number one, when picking up chocolate #baking bars from the store, make sure you pick up "semi-sweet" chocolate and not the unsweetened #chocolate, there is a huge difference in the taste.

Mistake number two, you should definitely use an 8X8 inch or larger baking pan. I used a much smaller pan, so the chocolate was thicker than it should be. The chocolate should be thin so that you can bite into it without breaking a tooth.

Mistake number three, I didn't call my grandson to help me with the sprinkles and M & M's.

I do have the google eye sprinkles that Sally mentions in her recipe, but I was too lazy to go through the boxes to find them. So I just used the Halloween M & M's and the Halloween Sprinkles, I had used #candy corn a year or so ago. You can add anything you want to the Chocolate Bark as long as it taste good.

If you make Chocolate Bark make sure that you have a little helper with you to add the M & M's and the Sprinkles. I'm going to try this recipe again and I'm going to call my daughter to see if she can bring Alexander over to help me.

One more thing, isn't this the cutest cake stand you have ever seen? I know! it needs cupcakes on it.

Halloween Cake Stand


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