He is With Us

Sweet Oatmeal Cream Pies

So last night my husband wanted to go out to dinner at #Monza's, but when we were looking for a parking space in the #CityofManassas we could already see that the restaurant was going to be packed full of people. It is the Memorial Day weekend and it was to be expected. My husband does not do well in crowded places. Everything becomes too overwhelming for him in crowded places and he then begins to have tremors because of his #neurological #disorder, #ProgressiveSupraNuclearPalsy.

I parked the car in the garage downtown while we sat and tried to make a decision as to where else we should go for dinner. We had decided on #RubyTuesdays, it was close to home and usually affordable.

We didn't get much for dinner, I got a sirloin with bacon and Hickory Bourbon Glaze and my husband got the grilled chicken with a salad. After dinner our waitress came to our table and told us that the folks at the table near us had already paid for our check. We were stunned and shocked that they did that. We realized then that God is always with us.

So if you're that lovely couple who paid for our meal last night and you're reading this blog post, I just want to thank you for your kind and thoughtful gesture.


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