I forgot!

I forgot, seems to be a regular phrase for me these days. I say "I forgot" a lot of the time but, it isn't just me that is forgetting things. Sadly, my hubby has had more than his share of forgetfulness. We were invited by my hubby's daughter to meet her and my hubby's grandson at the Children's museum in Richmond two weeks ago. As we got ready to leave I had decided that my car needed oil before the 2 hour road trip to Richmond. I could not get the oil cap off, so my husband offered to get the oil cap off for me and then pour the oil as well. I was rushing and when we were done putting the oil into the car, I put the hood down and jumped into the car. When I drove to the bottom of the driveway my husband and I heard something funny coming from the car, it didn't sound good. Everything seemed fine other than the noise so I drove off to Richmond. We were on Interstate 95 when I decided to pull off to get my husband something to eat at McDonald's. It was when we pulled thru the drive thru at McDonald's that my car became very sluggish and wouldn't go over 5 or 10 miles per hour when I put my foot onto the gas pedal.

Neither of us had any idea what was going on and I did not feel comfortable about getting back onto the Interstate, so we turned around and drove north on route 1. We decided to take the car to the dealership where I bought it from so that they could look at it. We finally got to the dealership; it was a very slow ride, but we made it. Once we got to the dealership we told them what was going on and left the car there. We picked up a rental and went on down to Richmond. I felt awful that we were so late getting to the Children's Museum and that my husband's daughter had to wait so long for us.

This actually turned out to be the day from hell because, as soon as we arrived in Richmond it began to pour. My husband and I had to run from the car in the rain to the Museum and when we got into the building, we learned that we were in the wrong building. We had to run into the rain again, back out to the car and drive over to the other building that houses the Children's Museum. One building houses the Children's Science Museum and the other houses the Children's Museum. It wasn't very clear that day which building was which. By the time we found the correct building, we were soaked to the bone and cold. It was a miserable feeling but, we did get to spend some quality time with my husband's daughter and her son.

Later that week after driving the rental for a few days, I finally found out what was wrong with my car. My hubby had forgotten to put the oil cap back onto the car. It had caused the oil pressure to be low which in turn caused the car to slow down. It was a lesson learned.

Sadly, I had to learn another lesson after we drove to Virginia Beach for a birthday party and my hubby walked away from the car without closing the passenger side door. The door had been left open for several hours before someone at the party noticed that the door was open and closed it for us. When my husband and I left the party, we realized that the battery had died on my car because the car would not start. We had to jump start the car every time I turned the car off. Don't worry, I had a new battery installed yesterday!

These days I now realize that I need to watch my husband every minute. It is a little bit like having to watch a 2 year old. We left the Wal-Mart today and neither my husband nor I noticed that the rear hatch was open. Thankfully someone at the traffic light alerted us to the open rear hatch and thankfully nothing fell out.

I can't put all of the blame on my husband for his forgetfulness. I need to remember to check everything, I should not just assume anything anymore, but I am exhausted. I can't do everything all of the time. I can't be in two places at once and I can't be right behind my husband every minute of the day. I wish I could do those things, just like I wish I could protect him from the dangers of choking and falling. It sounds as though I am talking about a two year old, but I am talking about a grown man who has Progressive Supra Nuclear Palsy and CorticoBasal Degeneration with Alzheimer's Disease.

Today my husband said that dying a slow death was hard. The people who were his friends came around often when we first found out that he had PSP. Those friends who came around when we first found out about the disease soon went back to their normal lives. They stopped coming around and they stopped calling him. It is a sad realization when you're still there and you're still dying, but your friends have gone on with their lives as though you've already died.

This Cake is about celebrating a life, not celebrating a death


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