I decided to make #macarons for my coworkers for #Christmas. My coworkers were telling me how hard it was to make macarons and how expensive they were. I thought to myself, that baking macarons couldn't be all that hard to do. It just takes a little practice and maybe a lot of patience. Note to self, no make that a **Special note to self....When you're on a roll, do not DEVIATE from that roll. I made macarons for the second time this month. The first time that I made these expensive little divas, I learned that I should never convince myself that I've got stiff peaks when I'm tired of beating egg whites. As it happened, the macarons spread a little too much in the oven, but they were still very delicious. At least to a first timer like myself who had never eaten macarons, I thought the macarons that I #baked were delicious.

Now the second time that I baked the macarons, I did a little better. I bought myself a hand #mixer, which I didn't have the first time around when I beat the #egg whites by hand. Let me tell you, if you beat those egg whites by hand, you're gonna sore (and sorry). Now that I had a hand mixer, I was able to beat the egg whites until I had stiff peaks, maybe I could have beat the egg whites a little longer but, I've always been a little

impatient. Anyway, the second time around I did better with baking them, they did not spread like the first batch did. Why did I make that special note to myself???? Well, I was on a roll and doing good with the baking, doing so good that I decided to take things a little farther by adding some green #food color. I thought the macarons could use a little color for the holidays. Welp, when I added the food color they started to spread again. Grrrr. Maybe the third time will be the charm?! Check out the pictures below. I'm a novice when it comes to making macarons, so don't expect anything perfect.


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