Micro Wedding on the Potomac River

The #bride was looking for someone to take pictures at her wedding at their home on the #Potomac #River, and she chose me to take those pictures. She said it would just be 3 of them at the #wedding #ceremony, so not such a big deal. But, it was a big deal! Two people chose to live the rest of their lives together as #husband and #wife, they were creating a partnership and a life together. Having me at the wedding to take pictures of the wedding ceremony was a big deal, this couple wanted to have pictures of their wedding day to look back on and that is so important to me. It is also important for me to share some of my favorite pictures with you.

Despite the rain hitting the roof and despite the roaring thunder, the evening was a quiet one with the couple's son, their mothers, and the hired chef who was preparing the meal for everyone to eat after the ceremony. Instead of doing the vows out on the pier at the water as planned, the couple had to do their vows indoors on the screened in back porch due to the big storm raging outside. After the brief but sweet ceremony, the family had dinner served by the chef. Once dinner was over and the rain had finally subsided. We were able to walk down to the pier for pictures on the waterfront. I was very excited about the opportunity to take their pictures on the pier at the water. It was such a beautiful night and the water on Potomac was still mad about something and the lightening was still flashing, but moving quickly away from us. No two weddings are ever alike and I love that. Each wedding brings a new experience to me. My #pictures are unique. So with that said, I'd like to share with you some of my favorite pictures from the wedding on the Potomac.

By the way, those beautiful colorful flowers on that cake were all made with sugar and they were of course edible and delicious as was the cake!

Cake by: @CakesinArt


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