Mini Blue Cupcakes

I am missing my sweet grandson a lot these days. I miss his little fist bump, high five, little finger, huge hug and the sweetest kiss ever. I pray that the #coronavirus pandemic ends quickly so that the stay at home order is lifted and I can go visit my grandson and my #family, go back to work. I knew I needed to be closer to my family when I decided to move my husband and myself to #Spotsylvania and now that I am only 30 minutes away, I cannot see them in person. So if you're reading this post I hope you're praying too, that you can see your own family again soon.

I asked my grandson what color frosting he wanted on these mini #cupcakes, he said red, blue, and brown (maybe he meant chocolate) he's only 3. Bless his heart!

I made these mini cupcakes for my grandson with blue icing and #Easter sprinkles. It is #Spring after all and Easter is just around the corner. These cupcakes were made from scratch with Sally's absolutely delicious vanilla cupcake recipe and I used her vanilla buttercream frosting recipe as well! Sally has a blog site with some amazing recipes and that is where I find most of my delicious recipes. By the way, with the Coronavirus pandemic, there seems to be a shortage of flour. Haha everyone is baking bread these days I guess. I did not make these cupcakes with regular flour. They were baked with cake flour which I had just enough of for this recipe. Using cake flour in this recipe helps to make the cupcakes lighter and not so dense.


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