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Happy New Year! I got to spend New Years Eve doing some pet sitting, and then on New Years Day I made some delicious desserts such as, Praline Pecans, Cookie dough balls, and I made something I've been dying to make; Peanut Butter pie.

I fell in love with Praline Pecans when my boyfriend and I traveled to Charleston, South Carolina on a vacation. I had never had Praline Pecans before, but after tasting one, I was hooked on them. They are so sweet and chewy. This sinful dessert is all about the sugar and the pecans! For this recipe I used both the regular cane sugar and the brown sugar.

Why did I make the cookie dough balls? Well, I was out at Walmart shopping for ingredients for baking and saw the box of cookie dough balls in the baking aisle and thought; why not? I never got to try one of the cookie dough balls, for I left them with the pet's owners and gave some to my daughter who was hosting her father and half sister for dinner on New Years Day.

I was dying to make the peanut butter pie because I had my first peanut butter pie from Mary's Cakery in King George, Virginia and I wanted another one but, King George is 45 minutes away, I can't exactly get over there whenever I want a peanut butter pie, so I made one. I ate one slice of the pie before leaving it with the pet's owners. The owners gave me full use of their kitchen while they were away, so I thought it was only fair to leave the goods behind.

So, not only did I make a little extra money from pet sitting, and baking. I also got to take some pictures, it is always good to get some practice in. For the cookie dough balls, I used my sister in law's pretty bowls from her Faithful Living with Friday collection.

Hey, did I mention that I was pet sitting? These dogs were awesome. I have never seen a dog get so depressed because her owners went away without her. Great Danes are known for their sensitivity and I have heard of depression in dogs, but have never seen it. This Great Dane (Angel), would not get up off of the couch she was on for anything, she wasn't having any of it. Turned her head away from me when I offered her a treat. It wasn't like she did not know who I was. I had been around her many times. However, By the next day, Angel was up eating and ready to go outside. I had also heard that Great Danes were not the smartest dogs, but Angel sure knew how to communicate with me. She bounded on the bed 3 times at 3 am to get my attention because she wanted to go outside. The family's other dog Pepper the Schnauzer poodle mix was peppy and very welcoming. He loved getting a back scratch and tried several times to kiss me. I enjoyed my solitude with them both very much. I even took care of a couple of guinea pigs, but they were not too keen on me petting them.

Check out the pictures of my weekend!

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