Shark Cupcakes

I made these cute cupcakes with shark #fins on top, just for fun. I took them into work because obviously I couldn't eat them all by myself. I don't know whether it was the blue #icing or the fact that I went to #Florida during this Corona Virus mess, but these cupcakes did not disappear like most of the #desserts I take in to work. It might also have been the fact that we don't have as many people at work each day because we have to stagger our staff to keep the number of people in the building to a minimum. I ended up taking the cupcakes home to my grandson instead, of course he only ate the icing and not the cupcake. I also took some to my sister in law's house for dessert after an awesome bbq chicken dinner.

These are the kind of cupcakes I should bake for a little boy's birthday party. I would love to make them again. I got the idea and the recipe for making these cupcakes from the #FoodNetworkMagazine. If anyone is interested in #Shark #cupcakes for a #birthday party, contact me!


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