Travelin' Girl

These days I've been traveling all over. Hopefully my car can keep up with me. I dropped my mom off at Kent Narrows, #Maryland to meet her sister for lunch and so that she could visit with her sister for a few days. We had lunch together at Fisherman's Inn. They have changed and updated their menu, so if you have not been there in awhile; you should check it out. Anyway, I picked my mom up at the same place two days later, what a drive 2 hours up and 2 hours back.

I went house hunting with my husband over the weekend and we found an adorable little #farmhouse in Spotsylvania for us to live in with a little chicken house for our chickens. Then I baked cookies and got a few items together for a yard sale down at my sister in law's house in #Hartwood, #Virginia.

I wish I had told you all about the yard sale before the fact, but I've been so busy that I haven't had time to say Boo!

My sweet sister in law invited me to join her at the yard sale so that I could get the word out about my #baking gig, pass out a few business cards, sell my #chocolate chip cookies and my delicious #Oatmeal Cream #Pies. While I was at the yard sale, my sister in law was pushing her little Mary & Martha Biz. In the picture below, you will see the board from Mary & Martha along with her Great Dane. You can see her website in the link above if you're interested in hosting a little get together with my sister in law.

I baked 3, yup you saw that right, 3 Key Lime Pies for the church Pie contest at New Life in #Chantilly tomorrow morning. Do you have any idea how many eggs it takes to make 3 Key Lime Pies? Oh my goodness I had to crack open 12 eggs and separate the yolks from the whites. But, hey I can use the egg whites to make the meringue topping. Unfortunately, I only bought one bottle of the key lime juice that was used to make these pies. I only made one slight mistake, I should have bought 2 bottles of the Nellie & Joe Key Lime Juice. Next time I make these pies, I will know better.

I sure do wish I could try a slice of one of the Key Lime Pies that I've just baked. I need to make sure they are good enough for the people at the church.

Great Dane in front of Mary & Martha Faith Based Sign
Great Danes are Gentle Giants


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