What is up with the Toilet Paper?

Maybe it's that place where some people cannot seem to get their heads out of. Just kidding! I went to Walmart this morning, looking for groceries not toilet paper, but come on. I had to see for myself if what I was hearing about; people hogging all of the toilet paper for themselves, was really true. It is to some degree, I mean the shelves in the toilet paper section were definitely bare and there are signs posted asking people to only take 1 pack of toilet paper.

I think this Coronavirus has us all doing things we never thought about doing. I'm stuck at home for God knows how long and I am learning to telework from home. This is really a time when we all need to learn to share and care for one another. That is one of the reasons why I love baking so much, I get to bake it, taste it, and to share it. It isn't necessary to be greedy about the toilet paper, just jump in the shower. If there is no shower? There should be a shower in your bathroom at home which is where we are all supposed to be hanging out these days until the stay at home order is lifted and life goes back to normal.

Anyway, I decided to have a little fun with baking today. I made Nerdy Nummies Pile of Poo #cookies using the Pile of Poo cookie cutter with the comfort grip made by #Wilton.

I tried to make brown royal #icing by blending the red, yellow, and blue food colors together but, that just wasn't working out so well. Tan is close enough to brown, don't you think?

With these cookies no toilet paper is needed, ha!


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