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Consolvo Images

Me & Alex

Newborn Photography with Tristan


I'm Jackie Consolvo; Photographer

I have been taking pictures ever since I was a child. When I started high school, I began to take my photography seriously. At 16 I became a professional portrait photographer. Then I became a wife and a mother and I was still attached to my camera. My love for baking took me into another direction with my photography by taking pictures of my desserts which I now sell all over the world as stock photos for bloggers, magazines & books. Somehow my pictures of my baked goodies got me into taking pictures at weddings and events, which I really enjoy! I get to meet all kinds of people and I have learned so many new things. 

I have 3 beautiful grandsons, Alex, Tristan, and Teddy and I love spending time with them. Other things that feed my soul are traveling, reading, baking, & my love for animals! Check out my boys below! I've updated their pictures recently.

**Note: Most photographers name their packages after stones like the Sapphire, the Diamond, or the Ruby and I did that too for awhile. But, I realized that I like setting myself apart from others and since I love animals. I decided to name my packages after my beloved dogs, Winchester, and Shelby. 

Winchester was a Dachshund, a small dog with a grand personality and Shelby was a pit bull with a sweet soul. 

Newborn Photography


Lifestyle Photography

Tristan at age 6 Months

Candid Photography with Kids

Alexander @ the Metro Richmond Zoo!

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